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Tree fork – top cap H25 black ,

Tree Fork Bolt H25


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Tree Fork Bolt H25 Made of 7075 t6 aluminum. These bolts have a step Allen key hole that is 1/4″ at the beginning of the hole and then steps down to a 6mm the rest of the way down. This allows the use of either a standard or a metric Allen key for the same bolt. The sizes are H10, H14, H18, H24 and H25. -H10 fits S&M, Fit, Standard, and the freestyle star nut -H14 fits ’02 to ‘06 Fly Bikes pantera forks -H18 fits Odyssey(’06 and earlier), We The People forks (’03 and on), Primo, Snafu, Failure (’06 andon), Macneil, Sunday morning 1 & night 1 forks -H24 fits Odyssey forks (’07 and newer), Sunday morning 2 & night 2 forks -H25 fits Colony, Eastern ultra light & ultra slim, Volume feather weight & genesis, Federal ultra light,Hoffman fat free, Kink, Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Sputnic, United trinity, Verde, Fly Bikes tierra, 3 amigos, &pantera 2 forks color & size : H25 black

color & size

H25 black, H25 polished, H25 wood grain